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I am a self-taught artist with a life long interest in making things and working outdoors. Based in Highland, my painting draws upon my previous working life as a plant ecologist and garden designer. I now combine painting with work in secondary school.

Working in acrylics my paintings aim to distil the essential components of landscape that are distinctive of a place and a moment. My work includes both realistic detail and stylised abstraction at scales ranging micro to macro. Outdoors, strongly lit texture and pattern draws me first  then a representative colour pallette evocative of the mood.  In the studio I enjoy experimenting with different styles and methods of application, on a quest to find that exact combination of colour and texture that conjures the spirit and feel of a place . 

My previous life strongly informs my art. With a degree in botany and a long career as a field plant ecologist I have an eye for pattern, subtle changes in colour, hidden clues of past land management and a strong emotional connection to landscape. Doing garden design work; creating the 3-dimensional dynamic palette of a garden to suit places and people also honed my ability to visualise colour, pattern and form. 

 The last two years I have been working on a new collection of work titled 'Distilled Landscapes' which explores whisky distilleries in their landscape context. These paintings are a marriage of iconic architecture and distinctive landscapes. This work was shown during the Speyside Whisky Festival May 2019 at Glenfiddich Distillery.and will be further exhibited in Edinburgh next year.

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