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Website galleries are divided by subject:

Gallery 1   -   Weathered Surfaces and Places

Gallery 2   -   Highland Landscapes        

Gallery 3   -   Woodlands 

Gallery 4   -   Homes of Whisky (other paintings available on request)

Gallery 5   -   Abstracts (other paintings available on request)

I am a self-taught artist with a life long interest in making things and working outdoors. Based in Highland, my painting draws upon my previous working life as a plant ecologist and garden designer. I now combine painting with work in secondary school.

Working in acrylics my paintings aim to distil the essential components of landscape that are distinctive of a place and a moment. My work includes both realistic detail and stylised abstraction at scales ranging micro to macro. 

Recent collections of work have included:

Coast exploring many of the varied shorelines here along the Moray Firth and also out West in differing sea conditions and times of day, due to exhibit in Nairn Spring 2021 (see gallery 2).

Distilled Landscapes explores the homes of whisky in their landscape context and was exhibitied at Glenfiddich Distillery (see gallery 4). 

Weathered takes a close up look at surfaces exposed to the elements, transformed by age and water. These paintings draw on material from the Highlands where I live now and the Thames through Chiswick and Brentford where I grew up and still visit, exploring the post industrial canal and river landscape. This work was exhibited at Brentford Gallery in October 2019 (see gallery 1).

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