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I am a self-taught contemporary landscape painter based at WASPs Inverness Creative Academy. I am constantly experimenting with different materials and a messy worker. My paintings aim to capture the mood of being exposed and immersed in a landscape with all the thoughts and feelings that provokes. My sketches and compositions often outgrow the page aiding the viewer to feel immersed too.

I am interested in connections. Much of my work includes the marks and consequences of human endeavour in the landscape, be they scars, remnants or still functioning industries. I view all landscape as intimately tangled with humanity. I hope work also conveys my reverence for the intricacies of nature and its tenacity to cling on, adapt and thrive despite human's ongoing use and abuse. The surety of turning seasons, weather and tides is also hopeful and inspires me. Woodland and coast are my go to sanctuaries; immersion in the interconnections of systems beyond human control and painting them lifts me.

Based on field sketches, photographs and imagination, experimenting with acrylics and oils, my work includes both realistic detail and stylised abstraction at differing scales. My work stylises the shapes, patterns and colours that create essential components of landscape distinctive of a place, a time and a feeling.

My previous life strongly informs my work. I have been an outdoor enthusiast all my life. Fortunate to grow up in a project-filled home with plenty that was hand-built or allotment grown, sparked an indelible and life-long interest in raw materials, making things and the natural world. A long career as a botanist, plant ecologist, environmental lobbyist and then garden designer honed my eye for colour, pattern, a sense of place, landscape history, and above all, the transience, jeopardy and value of the natural world.

My paintings reside in private collections throughout UK, Europe, Australasia and America. I exhibit regularly in Scotland and occasionally further south. I am using 2023 mostly as a development year with solo shows planned for 2024.

Solo Exhibitions

  • John Muir Trust, Pitlochry (2014)

  • Birnam Arts Centre, Dunkeld (2015)

  • Eden Court, Inverness (2012, 2017, 2018)

  • Moray Art Centre, Forres, Weathered (2015) Into the Woods (2016)

  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Into the Woods (2016)

  • Resipole Studios, Acharacle (2017)

  • The Pier, Lairg (2017)

  • Glenfiddich Distillery, Distilled Landscapes (2019)

  • Brentford Gallery, London, Weathered (2019)

  • Nairn Community and Arts Centre, Coast (2021)

  • Eden Court, Distilled Landscapes (June 2023)

  • Nairn Community and Arts Centre (October 2024)

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